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Welcome to pxls.space! Pxls is an open-source project created by Ske and maintained by a dedicated team of volunteers. The best place to reach staff and fellow community is in the discord! Check out our social media pages, and please take the time to read the rules below. Have fun creating (or changing) art!



We pride ourselves on trying to keep an open canvas for all free from outside interference on our end, and especially censorship. However, for the good of the community and on accounts of our own beliefs, please acknowledge and obey the following guidelines:

  1. No hateful imagery, derogatory speech, or personal harassment. This includes but is not limited to words such as faggot, nigga, nigger, retard, etc; as well as the Swastika, hammer and sickle, and any symbols of terrorism.
  2. No nudity or gore on the canvas. The general rating for artwork is PG-13.
  3. No more than one account per user, no exceptions. Multiple account users will be banned from creating art on the canvas.
  4. No auto-placement tools of any kind, you must place the pixels manually.
  5. Do not abuse site functionality, such as reports or lookups.
  6. Any automated aggregation of data from user lookups is not allowed, and will result in a ban.

If you believe you have been falsely banned you may contact a moderator or administrator.


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Single-player mode

General settings

(hotkey: O)

Keyboard controls


Mouse/arrows/wasd to pan

Scroll/pinch to zoom

+/- or Q/E to zoom

Shift + Click/Hold touch to lookup pixel

G to toggle grid

I to toggle info

T to open/close settings

L to toggle locking panning of the canvas

P to take a snapshot

H to toggle heatmap

X to toggle virginmap

O to clear heatmap and virginmap (if either is enabled)

J/K to cycle through palette colors

C to copy link of moused-over coordinates

ESC to deselect current pixel

R to center the board on the current template


Page Up to increase opacity

Page Down to decrease opacity

V to toggle visibility

Template control

Hold down Ctrl to drag the template around

Pixel Ready alert settings

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